Friday, December 30, 2011

16 Jan., 1862

Daily State Journal, Little Rock CS
Napoleon Hospital.
This institution, by an act of the General Assembly of Arkansas, having been set aside for the benefit of the sick and disabled volunteer soldiers of Arkansas; and a sufficient fund having been appropriated for the purpose of putting it in a thorough state of preparation for the reception, maintenance and proper care and attention of patients, is now ready for the purposes indicated.
            The building is capable of comfortable quarters for from seventy-five to one hundred patients.  A competent resident surgeon will supervise the medical care and treatment of the patients, and a sufficient number of good nurses and attendants will be provided.
            It is to be hoped that the sick and disabled volunteers of Arkansas will avail themselves of the comforts and conveniences of this asylum which has been provided for them; and that the proper authorities of the Confederate Government will aid the State in furthering the humane objects contemplated.
H. M. Rector,
Governor of Arkansas.
Little Rock, Jan. 16, 1862.

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